We care about your health and the health of your family, that's why we pledge to use only the finest ingredients in our products. Built on the pillars of 100% natural and honest labeling, our organic and natural ingredients nourish you without any harmful chemicals. We strive everyday to offer you effective, safe products and we believe we have the purest options around.
Many of our ingredients are used in their raw, unrefined state. This means they have never been bleached, stripped or altered in any way - leaving them full of naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients. We source all of our ingredients from reputable, certified organic vendors and we take great care in making sure our ingredients are both ethically traded and sustainably harvested.

On our quest for the best, Radiantly You has found an amazing partner in the Anjong Young Farmers Group in West Africa (visit here). This group of farmers, led by Eldad Umenjoh, harvests many of our ingredients in the most eco-conscious and sustainable ways possible. Our partnership not only provides you with the purest ingredients, but it also provides our farmers and their families with stable income and a voice to help raise the villages to the next level.

Why Anjong Young?

We were drawn to this co-op because a large part of their mission is to use truly sustainable practices in all that they do. RY was looking for an ethical source of amazing palm oil and needed a partner who was acting responsibly when harvesting it. For these farmers, palm oil is their livelihood - they could never imagine deforesting their jungles, as it is the jungle that provides for them. They take great pride in their methods of organic farming and will be working to educate the villages surrounding their farms and grow their cooperative even more.