At Radiantly You, our objective is to build a truly sustainable company on the foundation of our amazing products, business opportunity and ability to be a part of an amazing movement that will shape the future of our globe! 

By eliminating chemicals and lab-created ingredients, you are not only doing the best for yourself & your family, but you are also contributing to a greener and healthier tomorrow. Many consumers are stuck wondering what is and isn't safe for themselves and those they care about most - a direct result of an improperly regulated arena where companies are allowed to mislead and misrepresent their products.

Radiantly You's most important purpose is to bring awareness to the chemicals used and their effects on our bodies - offering a cost-effective, healthier alternative for those ready to switch. Radiantly You is proud to be a family-owned business. Built literally from the kitchen (and garage) of the Brown family, RY now operates in Western New York, maintaining the integrity of handcrafted products at a much larger scale.



Founder and CEO

Melissa Brown

Led by her passion to help others, Melissa found herself desiring a way to make a huge impact in the world. With absolute conviction about the harmful chemicals used every day in households around the country, Melissa made it her goal to not only educate & empower people but to also build a financial opportunity around it. Using her degree as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Melissa handcrafted and formulated the very first, truly toxic-free product line available to a mass market. Through utilizing the amazing power of direct-selling, Melissa is able to provide you with the freshest products, direct to your door.  Melissa is a loving mother of five kids - Noah (9), Liam (7), Lindsay (6),  Maizie (4) and Remi (3). She is very passionate about natural living and loves spending time traveling and hanging out with her flock of hens. 🐔