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Whipped Body Butters


Hand-whipped, amazingly moisturizing and pure.  

4 oz.

Coco-Loco Whipped Body Butter:

Lavish your skin in this FABULOUS, organic and GMO free body butter! Whipped to perfection, this blend of raw Cocoa Butter and unrefined Coconut Oil is sure to please! The smell is amazing and the whipped creaminess melts on contact! Perfect for super dry skin that's in need of nourishing and for preventing and/or aiding in the reduction of stretch marks.

Caribbean Coconut Whipped Body Butter:

Transport yourself (and your skin) to the sun-kissed moisture of the Caribbean, where ever you are!


Vivacious Grapefruit Body Butter:

Give your body the moisture it craves without the toxins! This amazing, thick body butter is rich enough to nourish but light enough to feel like a lotion. Live a vivacious life!

Soothing Lavender Body Butter:

Relax, Escape and Nourish your body! This amazing blend of pure Lavender Essential Oil with the nutrient rich minerals found in our Pomace oil, leaves you soft, smooth and zen!

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